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ASI is committed to providing manufacturing services of the utmost quality for headwear and accessories brands, producing innovative designs with true integrity on a global scale.
Inspired to thrive. We confidently assure our clients that their products are designed with the highest standards in shape, fit and manufacturing, and that our production methods are kind to the environment.
Success in process. Each piece of headwear that we manufacture is thoroughly tested for quality throughout each step of development at all of our factories.
Future-thinkers. Idea-generators. Our experienced and dedicated in-house design and R&D teams are constantly exploring the latest world trends, techniques, and solutions to construct the most marketable headwear and accessories.

Our foundation is built on quality, reliability and – most importantly – customer satisfaction. Always innovating, ASI’s design team stays ahead of current trends to develop technologies like A-Flex®, Q-Max®, BondTek®, Bondgo®, Mark It®, Snapx®, and One Touch® which provide better cap comfort and function.


You’re looking for a headwear manufacturer that can do it all – from design conception to finished product. We’re a full-service headwear manufacturing company capable of bringing your unique vision to life. See what we can create for you!


Bright ideas bring big business. Enhance your brand’s image, increase sales and expand your customer base by collaborating with us. We customize products that are both comfortable to wear and fashion-forward. Our ability to offer a wide range of products and services is what illuminates our work in this industry.


quality control

Each piece of headwear that we manufacture is thoroughly tested for quality throughout the entire production process at all of our factories. We use advanced enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, allowing us to keep our supply chain running smoothly and efficiently. This ensures that our team can focus on what matters most: our clients.

Quality Headwear

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