Our Story

Asian Sourcing International, Ltd. (ASI) is a world-renowned, full service headwear manufacturer based in the heart of bustling manufacturing metropolis, Shanghai, China. We cater to both high fashion and top athletic brands from around the world including the U.S., Europe and Asia. As pioneers at the forefront of this industry, we pour high levels of skill into each carefully-crafted product that we manufacture.

Our foundation is built on quality, reliability and — most importantly — customer satisfaction. Always innovating, ASI’s design team stays ahead of current trends to develop technologies like A-Flex®, Q-Max®, BondTek®, Bondgo®, Mark It®, Snapx®, and One Touch® which provide better cap comfort and function.

Our lean manufacturing system makes it possible for headwear to be made both efficiently and cost effectively. Fashion-forward products are made with the highest standards for quality and environmental impact. We do everything we can to minimize our carbon footprint — from using energy efficient machines to educating our staff and implementing the best conservation practices.


ASI excels in creating a variety of innovative headwear designs. Collaborating with us connects you to our expert design teams who have proficiency for developing high-end headwear pieces that compliment your brand.


Our factories were among the first to pass international testing standards and certifications. Our facilities are WRAP certified. We employ best practices and skilled workers to maintain our commitment to excellence.



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accessories vendor of the year
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Vendor of the Year

Social Responsibility Report 2017

  • Employee
    1. 1. Rights protection. Improve income and welfare protection procedures.
    2. 2. Health and safety. Create a safe and healthy working environment.
    3. 3. Career growth. Elevate employee skill levels.
    4. 4. Democratic management. Strengthen employee participation in decision-making.
    5. 5. Trade union committee.
    6. 6. Increase employee health awareness.
    7. 7. Vocational training.
    8. 8. Provide suggestion box, hold management meetings, and improve employee participation through a management committee.
  • Customer
    1. 1. Continuously improve product and service quality.
    2. 2. Deliver on time, satisfying customer’s request.
    3. 3. Regular visits and mail communication.
    4. 4. Internal review and rectification tracking.
  • Environment
    1. 1. Green, clean and paperless office.
    2. 2. Energy saving and emissions reduction.
    3. 3. Advocate for environmental protection.
  • Community
    1. 1. Caring for the weak and the elderly.
    2. 2. Charitable donations.
    3. 3. Actively participate in social welfare causes.